Pajtakert programiroda



Our company has branched out from a family enterprise, and has successfully organized programmes for children and adult groups as well as for individual guests visiting Hollóko for more than 15 years. Since the very beginnings we have made efforts to involve more and more inhabitants in our programmes so that visitors could learn age-old customs and the lifestyle straight from the heirs of the traditions. Presently there are more than 25 families in the village who play active role in the services we provide, by introducing local customs and handcrafts, teaching, or even opening their own houses for the guests to discover the rural way of life. Our main activity involves receiving the visiting groups and providing them with folklore programs based on our traditions as well as guiding them around the village. 

Our aim is to provide our guests with a unique experience of a lifetime.

The owner and manager of the company is Daniel Ispán who took an important role in kick-starting tourism as the leader of the Information Office in Hollóko. For several years he was solely responsible for organizing and leading the folklore and handcrafts programmes in the village. His experience and his enthusiastic team are the base of our company's success. In 1995 we opened our program office in the Barnyard at the entrance of the Old-village. The manager of the office and the hostess of the visiting groups is Mrs Ispán, Éva Péter. She and her colleagues make sure that for hundreds of visitors Hollóko will mean a lifelong memory of singular experience.